The 40th Reunion

  • Scroll down the page for links to photos and other records of the Reunion weekend (souvenir invitation, above).
  • Nearly 200 photos of the weekend can be viewed on the Facebook page.
  • It wasn’t just us remembering the occupation: Nerve magazine’s 2010Resistance Calendar did, too.
  • Anniversary of student occupation: report on the BBC Liverpool website

Friday 19 March 2010

Steps we take/Steps we trace/Into the light of reunion
Paths that cross will cross again/Paths that cross will cross again

Speak to me heart/all things renew/hearts will mend around the bend
Paths that cross cross again/Paths that cross will cross again

Jon Snow interviewed on Radio Merseyside

Pete Cresswell interviewed on Radio Merseyside

Ian Williams interviewed on Radio Merseyside

9pm onwards…gathering in the Cambridge. Lots of photos can be viewed on Facebook.

Saturday 20 March 2010

5.00 Leggate Theatre Reception: presentations and personal reflections

Opening slideshow

Long Time Coming: intended to give a sense of the remarkable time it was when we were growing towards adulthood. We had absorbed an intoxicating cocktail of cultural and political influences. Music provided a powerful, electric charge. We were immersed in revolt: against authority, against tradition, against middle-class morality, against everything that belonged to the old. Click the link to download to your computer (it’s a Powerpoint file).

Gerry Cordon’s presentation

An overview of the sequence of events through 1969-70 that culminated in the 5 Demands and the occupation of Liverpool University Senate House in the 1970 protest over racism and apartheid.

Part one: slum housing and the Princess Alexandra demonstration, 1969

Part two: the 5 Demands and the occupation, 1970

Frank Milner’s presentation

A short video extract – Phil Gusack and the palm trees – from Pam Rose’s mobile.

Gerry and Frank

Video of Gerry’s presentation and Frank’s talk from Pam Rose’s mobile.

Pete Cresswell’s talk

Including the Life on Mars skit: read it again here

Dave Robertson’s speech honouring ‘fallen comrades’

Read his words here

Andy Lowe’s closing video

8.00 Everyman Bistro: buffet and reunion

Just a sample of the photos of the Everyman gathering which can be viewed on the Facebook page.


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