The ten

Ten students were disciplined by Liverpool University following the occupation of Senate House. How were they selected? It would seem that the answer is that a University security guard copied down a list of names of those elected to a steering committee within the first hour of the occupation – the Guild Gazette report of 10 March refers to this, and in an interview with the Leicester Mercury, Sue Rosinger said:

“Although 200 students took Part in the sit-in, only ten were disciplined. I’m sure this was because our ten names were on a committee list pinned up on a wall during the sit-in. But the committee was only dealing with things like catering and ceased to function after the first day.”

The random selection of the ten has always been regarded as the fundamental injustice of the University response. In response to the ten being served with charges, 174 occupants signed a statement admitting equal responsibility.

These are the sentences imposed on the 10 disciplined students by the Board of Discipline – and the changes to the sentences on appeal:

  • Pete Cresswell – expelled
  • Andy Black – 2 year suspension, reduced to one year on appeal
  • Phil Gusack – 2 year suspension, reduced to one year on appeal
  • John Aspinall – 2 year suspension
  • Richard Davies – 2 year suspension
  • Ian Williams – 2 year suspension
  • Susan Rosinger – 2 year suspension
  • Danny Fishman – 2 year suspension
  • Jon Snow – 1 year suspension
  • Andy Burton – 1 year suspension

Richard Davies died in 2008.  You can read Dave Robertson’s appreciation here. Phil Gusack died on 9 November 2011, at the age of 63.  His obituary is here.


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