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A few tips on finding your way around

The majority of posts are arranged chronologically, as if in real time, beginning in late 1968 and running through to late 1970. These posts draw on reports in Guild Gazette (the Student Union newspaper at the time), as well as local and national press reports contained in an archive donated by Dr P E H Hair, School of History, to the University of Liverpool Library Special Collections. You can read these by choosing a month in Diary on the right. Or you can choose one of the main themes under Threads on the right.

Complementing this chronological ’spine’ are a number of additional resources – files, photos and personal thoughts and recollections. You can access these under Features on the right.

The research is still ongoing. An easy way to be notified when I add something new is to click the button under Email Subscription on the right.  If you’re familiar with RSS feeds you can click either or both of the feed buttons at top right and get the latest posts or comments sent direct to your feed reader (eg, Microsoft Outlook, Google Reader, etc).

If you’d like to contribute words or photos please email me at and I’ll put stuff up there. It would be great to have memories or personal reflections on your involvement for the Reflections & Recollections section.


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