Senate House occupation, March 1970

The mass meeting before the sit-in.

Mr Trevor Thomas, Vice-Chancellor, addressing some 3000 students before militants occupied Senate House (Daily Telegraph)

‘Militant students at Liverpool trying to rally support for a sit-in at the Senate House’ (Guardian) I think I recognise that man!

Jon Snow addressing the Senate House occupants in the foyer (from his book, Shooting History)

The Senate House sit-in – taken before Daily Post photographer Nigel Wrigglesworth was asked to leave in order to avoid an ugly scene. (Daily Post)

Sit-in students take bread and other stores into the Senate building last night. (Daily Post)

Before the split: a student finds a way of asking a question at the meeting by climbing over the first row of students to get to a microphone. (Daily Post)

The sit-out students march across Abercromby Square to Senate House in a bid to end the sit-in. (Daily Post)

“You cannot involve the whole university in a personal emotion”:  H.B. Chrimes, Liverpool University Treasurer, speaks at the mass meeting that preceded the occupation (Sphinx magazine, summer 1970).

The Five Demands: a banner inside the occupation (Liverpool Weekly News 19 March 1970).

Inside the occupation: alternative plaque marking the official opening of the building a year earlier (Liverpool Weekly News 19 March 1970).

Photo from the Liverpool Weekly News front page story, 19 March 1970: students’ sleeping quarters (yours truly demonstrating how to roll up a sleeping bag).

Banners in the windows of Senate House (Liverpool Weekly News 19 March 1970).

Senate House with banners: ‘Revolution is the festival of the oppressed’ (Liverpool Weekly News 19 March 1970).

Campus slogan (Guild Gazette)

Some of the 300 militant students who have occupied the Senate House for 12 days …assembled yesterday before ending the sit-in. (Daily Telegraph 21 April 1970)

The Guardian reports the end of the occupation.


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