University Notice: Board of Appeal

This is the official University Notice of the findings of the Board of Appeal, circulated to Senate and academic staff.


The Board of Appeal has now completed its hearings of the appeals lodged by nine of the ten students who were recently disciplined in connection with their part in the occupation of the Senate House last March. One of the ten students, who had been suspended for one year, did not appeal; three of the students appealed against their sentence only, and six appealed against their conviction and setence. In the case of these six students, the Board of Appeal agreed to their request that the appeals be by way of a re-hearing. The Board of Appeal may reduce a sentence, but has no power to increase it.

So far as the nine students are concerned, it will be remembered that the Board of Discipline decided that one student should be expelled, that seven students should be suspended for two years, and that one student should be suspended for one year. As a result of the hearings which have just been concluded by the Board of Appeal, the penalties in seven of the cases remain unchanged. In the remaining two cases the penalties of suspension for two years have been reduced to one year.

It would have been improper, while appeals were pending, for the University to make any comment on the c0urse of the disciplinary proceedings. However, now that the Board of Appeal has concluded its work, it is the University’s intention to publish a full statement on the disciplinary proceedings.

15 May, 1970


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