March 19: Vice-Chancellor’s notice of disciplinary action

This is the first of two notices issued by the University authorities on the morning of 19 March. This one is from the Vice-Chancellor, TC Thomas. A leaflet was issued from the occupation in reply to this notice.

A notice has now been issued announcing that disciplinary action is to be taken against students who have been occupying the Senate House since 9th March.  The seriousness of this conduct – which is a breach not only of University discipline but also of the law of the land – has also been emphasised.

Some of the effects of the occupation of the Senate House should be made known to staff and students:

  1. It has not been possible to pay the weekly paid non-academic staff their correct wages because of the impossibility of consulting records, but the action we have been able to take in this matter has had the full support of the trade unions concerned.
  2. It has not been possible to prepare properly for the payment of Easter vacation grants and payments of postgraduate awards are in jeopardy.
  3. The work of supplying testimonials, certifying letters and records of examination performances on behalf of students – which occupies a large part of the time of the Academic Office – has come to a complete halt.
  4. The June examinations are in jeopardy – no work has been done in connection with the preparation and printing of question papers in the last ten days, and timetables will not be available when they should be.
  5. Applications received from UCCA on behalf of candidates wishing to come here next Session are locked up in the basement of the Senate House awaiting attention.
  6. Academic and other posts which have been advertised cannot be filled, since some applications are in the Senate House.

It was the boast and declared intention of those who occupied the Senate House that the administrative work of the University would be brought to a standstill.  Because of the devoted work of the administrative staff this will not happen, but some of the effects of the occupation are serious, not least to students themselves.

TC Thomas, Vice-Chancellor

19 March 1970


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