March 19: Registrar’s notice of disciplinary action

This is the second of two notices issued by the University authorities on the morning of 19 March. This one is from the Registrar, HH Burchnall.

  1. In the early afternoon of Monday, 9 March, 1970, between 200 and 300 students who were joined by a number of people quite unconnected with the University, occupied the Senate House building in Abercromby Square. Their declared intention was to disrupt the administrative work of the University and, if possible, to bring it to a halt.
  2. In pursuit of this objective, the members of the Administrative Staff who work in the Senate House were refused admission to their offices on the morning of Tuesday, 10 March, In some cases, force was used to prevent them reaching their place of work.
  3. On Wednesday, 11 March, the Registrar – speaking on behalf of the University at the door of the Senate House – formally required those occupying the building to leave it, but today, Thursday 19 March, the Senate House is still occupied.
  4. Throughout the period 9 to 13 March there were no Officers of the Guild of Undergraduates because of a constitutional deadlock in the Guild. Elections were, however, completed on Friday, 13 March,
  5. The action of the students occupying the Senate House constitutes a most serious breach of University discipline. It is also a contravention of the law of the land.
  6. As a first step , University disciplinary proceedings have been instituted against ten named students.
  7. H  H  BURCHNALL, Registrar

    19 March 1970


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