Leaflet: Rally to the defence of the victimized students!

This leaflet was issued by the Liverpool branch of the Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist).  It was found in the files of HH Burchnall, the Registrar, date-stamped 6 May 1970:

A Call to Liverpool Workers and Trade Unionists:


The recent expulsion and suspension often students from Liverpool University proves once again that workers and students have a common enemy which attacks them alike, using similar methods of persecution and victimization, for one aim only: perpetuation of the capitalist system.


Students throughout the length and breadth of Britain have exposed the sinister practice of the university authorities in keeping a blacklist, which seeks to brand any militant student with the same branding iron as is used on militant workers.

The exposure of secret files in the universities must serve as a grim warning to all workers that the employers have equal information on anybody who opposes low wages, bad working conditions and injustice.

In revealing the secret files the students have revealed something even greater: the close links between the university authorities (themselves employers) and the entire employer class and their Labour Government.

Their struggles have taught students that their university is nothing more nor less than a factory. It is a factory which does not exploit skills or manual labour but which seeks to corrupt intellect and learning to the end that all intellect and learning shall be used in the interest of the employers and against the workers.


Workers will clearly see that the expulsion and suspension of the ten students on tha eve of their examinations is the same act of an employer who sacks the militant and brave apprentice just before he finishes his time.

Workers should take heart and be prepared to learn from students who are in revolt against the system, but they must understand that students have no economic bargaining strength. It is this vital factor that gives workers strength over their employer. And it is this strength which now must ba placed firmly alongside the students’ struggle.

The organized workers of Liverpool hold the key for the immediate and unconditional reinstatement of the ten students. Would the university authorities and those whom they serve dare to carry out these expulsions and suspensions, if conscious that industrial action would be used in support of these students in struggle?

Of course differences exist between students and workers. The employers are trying to magnify these differences because they know only too well  that to divide is to rule.

But a spectre is haunting the employing class of Britain – the knowledge that students are beginning to integrate with the working class and cannot be used to scab upon workers as they did in the 1926 General Strike.


Workers, rally to the defence of the ten students!

From factories, branches and district committees demand their immediate, unconditional reinstatement.

Develop unity! Defeat reaction! Prepare now for the coming struggle –


Issued by Central Committee, Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)

(Liverpool Branch: 66, Huskisson Street, Liverpool 8)


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