Appeal to academic staff from March 19 Committee

This letter, dated 13 April 1970,  is from the archive of the Registrar, HH Burchnall.  It was personally addressed to him from M O’Sullivan, Treasurer of the March 19 Committee. It is an appeal to academic staff of the University to support the ten disciplined students and to provide financial support for further campaigning:

Dear Mr HH Burchnall,

As you will have heard by now the University has reached its decision concerning the ten students who were singled cut for disciplinary action after the occupation of Senate last term.

The disciplinary board, having rejected the pleas of equal responsibility and of moral justification, arrived at the following decisions:

  • Peter Cresswell ( Politics 3rd Year ) Expelled
  • John Aspinall (Law 3rd Year ) Suspended 2 Years
  • Andy Black ( Philosophy 2nd Year 3 Suspended 2 Years
  • Richard Davies ( Law 3rd Year ) Suspended 2 Years
  • Phil Gusack ( Architecture 3rd Year ) Suspended 2 Years
  • Danny Fishman ( Social Studies 1st Year ) Suspended 2 Years
  • Ian Williams ( English 3rd Year ) Suspended 2 Years
  • Sue Rosinger ( Politics 3rd Year ) Suspended 2 Years
  • Jon Snow ( Law 2~10 Yoar ) Suspended 1 Year
  • Andy Burton ( Geology 1st Year ) Suspended 1 Year

Mr Yeomans, a lecturer in Architecture, who accompanied one of the students at the hearing said that “Whilst I disagree with the occupation, the conduct of the Board of Discipline was unjust and shameful”.

Father McGoldrick, the Catholic chaplain has expressed his distaste at the manner in which the University has reacted.

Our own opinion is that the University, in handing out tho heaviest sentences ever given by a British University has overreacted in a most vindictive way. They have disciplined a selected few without ever questioning the reasons for the occupation in the first place.

We would welcome your support, but as we appreciate your difficult ‘position this letter is specifically concerned with asking for financial assistance.  We would like to point out that a ‘ fighting fund ‘ has been established in order to rally support, publish evidence, etc.

If you are prepared to help us in any way would you write to:

M O’Sullivan ( Treasurer ) c/o 3D Sunnyside, Liverpool 8.


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