Statement by HH Burchnall, Registrar

10th March, 1970.

At 08.45 on Tuesday, 10th March, 1970, I parked my car in the underground car park behind the Senate House and then walked from the car park into the Senate House itself via the basement door. There were a number of students coming and going through  this door at the time.

I passed through it, and my progress at that point was not impeded. I am of the opinion that it was not appreciated that I was the Registrar of the University until I had actually made my way into the basement of the Senate House.

In the company of Mr. J. Stubbs, a University porter, I made my way up the main staircase to the ground floor of the Senate House, being jostled all the way by students who attempted to thrust pieces of paper into my hand.  At the foot of the staircase my further progress to my office on the second floor was barred by a student whom I recognised as Mr P. Cresswell. I tried to push past him, and he forcibly prevented my going further up the staircase.

Mr Stubbs was a witness of this incident. It then became clear to me that I could not make my way to my room in order to carry out my normal duties, and I withdrew from the Senate House, with Mr. Stubbs’s assistance, via the front door.

HH Burchnall


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