Statement by Colin Alcock, patrolman

Colin Alcock states:

I am  Patrolman on the staff of the Security Superintendent of the University of Liverpool.

On the night of Monday 9 March 1970, my tour of duty was 10pm – 8am at the Senate House, Abercromby Square,Liverpool.

At 1.30am on the 10th inst., I heard alarm bells ringing in the kitchen of the Senate and upon investigating, discovered that they were being activated from Committee Rooms 1 and 2 which were being occupied by students. I switched the alarm bell off and contacted Porter Jones at his flat. He attended at the scene and ascertained that all was in order.  Enquiries were made in these Committee Rooms,  but no-one would admit sounding the alarm.

At 3.10am the same day I saw a student whom I know to be David Robertson about to enter room B57 (Archives), which I later found to have had the door forced near the top of the door jamb.  I said to him, “What’s going on?”.  He replied, “I’ve just found it open.” I summoned assistance and the room was searched but there was no indication that any person had been in the room. I remained on guard in the room until I was relieved on the same day.

At about 3am that day, a student whom I can now identify as IAN WILLIAMS went along the corridor of the basement in the general direction of the room.

Amongst the students whom I can identify as being in the Senate during the period I was there are:


I have since identified the following three students as being present:

MS WOOD, 134 Balmoral Road, Morecambe

Miss JP CATTELL, 235 Wedderburn Road, Malvern, Worcs

MJ SMITH, 13 Queens Road, Beverley, Yorks

I have read the above statement which is true and have had the opportunity to make any alterations that I so desire.

C Alcock

Above statement taken byRE Lewis, Security Officer University of Liverpool at 4pm on Sunday,15th March 1970.


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