Statement by Alexander Harris, patrolman

Alexander Harris states:

I am a patrolman on the staff of the Security Superintendent of the University of Liverpool.

During the period Monday 9th March 1970 to Sunday 15th March 1970 (inclusive) I have performed duty at the Senate House,  Abercromby Square, Liverpool on three tours of duty from 10 pm – 8 am, during which duties I have seen, and can identify the following students as being present:


On Sunday 15th March 1970, when I came on duty there were approximately 150 students in the building.  The students were sleeping in the Senate (including the majority of the ringleaders),  the basement including the kitchen and the 2nd floor, particularly outside the Vice-Chancellor’s suite.

All doors had been barricaded with lockers, tables, lengths of timber etc, and were guarded by at least four students on each door. The tables from the Committee Rooms on the ground floor had all been brought into the main foyer, covered with newspapers and were being used for the preparation of posters. There were cans of black paint on the tables and paint which fell on the floor was wiped off with white spirit – a can of which stood on the floor. The spirit also wiped the polish off the floor!

Posters, newspaper cuttings, pamphlets were pinned to notice boards and the walls. Draped from the 1st floor balcony over the main door was a blue and red coloured flag with a yellow star in the centre. To its left facing the front of the building, and also draped from the 1st floor balcony was a large red flag.

On the opposite side of the balcony and in line with the Porter’s Desk was a banner which read ‘AGGRO IS FUN’ and a  boot superimposed.

There were numerous other banners draped around the foyer, all following the theme of  ANARCHY or COMMUNISM.

On examining the building I found that there was a hole 2″ x1″, at the back of the 2nd wash basin in the men’s toilets on the ground floor. All the basins were dirty.

Several of the students, under the leadership of JOHN SNOW, were attempting to keep the foyer presentable by brushing up but I noticed marks on the walls and coffee and tea stains on the stairways etc.

Alexander Harris

Statement taken by RE LEWIS, Security Officer, University of Liverpool at 2.45 pm on Tuesday, 17th March 1970, and read over to, and by, the witness who had the opportunity to make any alterations he so desired.


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