Notification of the charge

On 19 March 1970, 10 of the students still in occupation of Senate House received a letter informing them that they were to face charges before the Board of Discipline. This is the letter received  by Pete Cresswell:

19th March 1970

Dear Mr Cresswell,

I am writing to inform you that the charge of which details are given on the attached sheet has been preferred against you by the Registrar, Mr HH Burchnall, under the provisions of Ordinance 16 (Discipline) a copy of which is attached for your information.

This charge has been referred to the Advisory Board, which at a meeting held on Wednesday 18th March 1970, agreed that there was a sufficient case for submission to the Board of Discipline. The Advisory Board has, therefore, referred this charge to the Board of Discipline.

You are required to appear before the Board of Discipline to answer this charge at 9.30 am on Wednesday 8th April, 1970, and you should report to the Porter’s Desk in the Victoria Building at that time.

Will you let me know by not later than Thursday 2nd April 1970, whether you wish to admit or to deny the charge? If you admit the charge, your attendance at the Board of Discipline will be for consideration of what penalty, if any, you should incur and at the hearing you will be able to make representations on your own behalf, to call witnesses and to have present a tutor, or another member of the academic staff, or a friend, to speak on your behalf.

If you wish to deny the charge, you may call such witnesses as you may think fit , and may be accompanied at the meeting of the Board of Discipline by your tutor, or by another member of the academic staff,or by a friend, who may, if you so wish, conduct your case on your behalf.

The case against you will be presented by counsel and you may yourself be legally represented, if you so wish. You are required to notify me, in advance of the hearing, of the names of any witnesses you will wish to call and this information should reach me by not later than Thursday 2nd April  1970. You should also let me know by that date the name of any person who will be accompanying you in order to speak or conduct your case, on your behalf.

I am required to inform you that you should consult your tutor (to whom a copy of this letter is being sent) for advice in this matter. I am also required to inform you that, in determining any penalty to be imposed on a student found guilty of a charge referred to it, the Board of Discipline may receive evidence about and take into account his academic record and any record of previous misconduct on the part of the student.

A copy of this letter is being sent to you by recorded delivery at the most recent term-time address which you have registered with your Faculty Office and at your perms.nent home address (if in this country). Unless you notify me of an alternative address, all further correspondence in this matter will be sent to you at those addresses: a claim of failure to receive any correspondence from the Secretary to the Board of Discipline will not be accepted by the Board as good reason for any default in respect of the proceedings of the Board.

Yours sincerely,

R. Butler, Secretary to the Board of Discipline

The charges

The University of Liverpool

Name of Student: Peter Cresswell

Charge: that you are guilty of conduct which was detrimental to the discharge of the duties of the University in


(i) on 9th March, 1970 and succeeding days you occupied the Senate House and excluded the staff of the University with the intention of hampering the discharge of those duties;

(ii) at or about 8.45 a.m. on 10th March, 1970 you forcibly prevented Mr. H.H. BURCHNALL (the Registrar of the University) from ascending the staircase from the ground floor of the Senate House and so reaching his room in order to discharge his duties on behalf of the University.


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