Maps: University campus, Senate House and slum housing

These two maps, from Thomas Kelly’s History of Liverpool University,  enable us to identify key locations in the events of 1969-70.

On the first map, of the campus area in 1947, the streets of slum houses such as Vine Street and Melville Place that were the focus of the Princess Alexandra demonstration in May 1969 can be identified. The second map, of the campus area in 1980 reveals the extent of the campus development in the two decades from the late sixties – the construction of Senate House (now part of  the Sydney Jones Library) and many other departmental buildings.

Vine Street

In 2010 the street still remains south of Myrtle Street, but is terminated by flats built in the late 80s. Vine Street once continued to the north of Myrtle Street – the block between Myrtle and Oxford was built over with, first, Senate House, and then later the Sydney Jones library. North of Oxford Street the Oliver Lodge Laboratories – opened on the same day as Senate House – obliterated the original street.

Melville Place

To the east of Grove Street – all the slum properties have gone, replaced by student accommodation.

To see photos of the area in the 1960s go here.

Click on a map to enlarge it.

University area 1947

University area 1980


2 thoughts on “Maps: University campus, Senate House and slum housing”

  1. We lived in Sun St (now the car park behind the Electrical Engineering building). We’d love to know more about the university involvement with our street. We emigrated in the mid-60s but our grandparents were still there (I think).
    Cheers, Helen

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