Racialism and our University: leaflet

A leaflet issued in advance of the Friday, January 30 mass meeting called to protest Lord Salisbury’s invitation to Guild Ball.

Racialism and our University

This Friday our Guild subscriptions will be financing Guild Ball which this year will fete the Chancellor of the University, the Marquess of Salisbury.

Liverpool University’s figurehead is a man renowned for his racialist statements and his involvement in the moral and financial bolstering up of  the white minority regimes in South Africa and Rhodesia.

We have as Chancellor, and on Friday we will have in our Union meeting civic dignitaries and representing the University, a man who has said that Africans are one generation removed from savages and who has extensive business interests in South Africa.

For many years Salisbury was director of the British South Africa Company, a group consisting of subsidiaries such as British South Africa Holdings Ltd and Rhodesia Railways Trust.

The group has 45% of its investments bound up in South Africa and has been extensively involved in the development of the South African mines and Rhodesian economy.

There are two other subsidiaries of British South Africa Company: Cecil Holdings Ltd, and Cecil Investments Ltd. Cecil is the Marquess of Salisbury’s family name.  The group’s trustee banks are Barclays DCO  and Westminster. Who is director of Westminster? Salisbury of course.

As the founder of the Monday Club, Salisbury has lived up to his reputation by making outspoken racialist statements about African politics in the Lords.

“Is it not a fact that one of the reasons for the present bloodbath in Nigeria is that the White Government ceased to obtain and was succeeded by an entirely black government?”
(June 1968)

In other words he believes that black people are incapable of governing.

About Rhodesia, he has declared that Ian Smith is  “a man of outstanding rectitude and honesty”, and that “the Rhodesians are the only people who are keeping the British way of life alive in Central Africa”.

He condemns “our supine repudiation of our own kith and kin who have alone made Rhodesia what it is despite pressures from a hostile junta of semi-civilised states” (November 1965).

Should we have this man as our Chancellor?

Should he be invited to our Union at our expense?



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