Occupation: first afternoon leaflet

This leaflet was issued by the occupying students within an hour of the start of the occupation on March 9.  A copy was sent to the Vice-Chancellor, with a covering letter which can be seen below:


At 2:30, 350 student, in protest against the refusal of the Vice-Chancellor to give satisfactory answers to various questions, occupied the Senate House of the University of Liverpool.

The occupation has now formulated five points, the meeting of which will be the condition for withdrawal.

The demands are:

  1. That Senate, Council and Court proclaim their opposition to all forms of discrimination on racial grounds, and consequently dissociate themselves from the views of the Marquess of Salisbury and call for his immediate resignation as Chancellor.
  2. That Council and Court order a detailed schedule of all University investments – to be published in the Staff Newsletter and Guild Gazette.
  3. That an independent public inquiry be held into methods used at all University levels for keeping data and information on staff and students.
  4. That the Vice-Chancellor gives satisfactory answers to the questions of political files and chemical and biological warfare research.
  5. That there be no victimisation of any people taking part in this occupation.

These demands have been conveyed to the Vice-Chancellor.

The administration of the University will not function in the building during occupation, but every attempt will be made to ensure the position of the porters and and cleaning staff is made as easy as possible.

The greatest threat to both people and the building has been from a group of students opposed to the occupation, who attempted to make a forcible entry into the building to eject us.

Two people were badly handled, one suffering extensive damage to his clothing and spectacles.  A porter was also manhandled in the affray by these ‘moderate’ students.

The members of the occupation wish to make it clear that any further violent attempts to enter will be resisted.

It will be a peaceful occupation unless provoked.

We stay until our demands are met and we call upon all students to express their solidarity with us in our occupation against racialism and secrecy.

We further invite all students and staff to join the occupation, or to discuss our objects with us in the building.

Covering letter to the Vice-Chancellor


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