Leaflet, March 18: Occupation of Senate House

A leaflet issued from Senate House on Wednesday 18 March, after 9 days of the occupation:

Occupation of Senate House

As you know Senate House was occupied by students on Monday 9 March.  This occupation has been based on five demands:

  1. That Senate, Council and Court proclaim their opposition to all forms of discrimination om racial grounds and consequently disassociate themselves from the views the Chancellor, the Marquess of Salisbury, and call for his resignation.
  2. That Council and Court order a detailed schedule of all University investments – to be published in the staff newsletter and in Guild Gazette
  3. That an independent public inquiry be held into the methods used at all levels for keeping data and information on staff and students
  4. That the Vice-Chancellor give satisfactory answers to questions on secret files and on Chemical and Biological warfare
  5. That there be no discrimination against those people taking part in  the occupation

We have continued this occupation because we wish to make clear our concern for the issues raised by our demands.

These issues are fundamental and cannot be overlooked.

No comment has been receceived from the Vice-Chancellor and his silence indicates that in this University both secrecy and racialism will continue.

We ask you again to consider these five demands.

We are determined to fulfil our wider responsibilities.


One thought on “Leaflet, March 18: Occupation of Senate House”

  1. It’s that ‘silence’ from the authorities that gives the game away. Their self-importance prolonged and amplified a dispute that could easily have been resolved by more generous and skilful people. I find it hard not to conclude that they sought a pretext for punitive action; hence, made no effort to discuss a way forward.

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