Motions passed at Guild Council, 23 April 1970

The Guild Gazette report of this meeting can be read here. This is the meeting which conferred on the Ten life membership of Guild. However, a referendum held on May 7-8 later reversed some of these decisions, including the life membership vote.


23 April 1970

4. President’s Business


(a) That Guild Council gives retrospective approval to the expenditure involved in obtaining legal advice and representation for the disciplined students’ appeal and to any further students disciplined over the occupation.

(b) That Guild Council demands that the trial be declared null and void because of inherent breaches of natural law and the manifestly unfair, unjust and prejudicial manner of the proceedings and reinstatement of the students pending a reconsideration by the UniversitY and Guild (Guild Council and Mass Meetings) of the whole question of University discipline and the specific proceedings against all those who took part in the occupation and that Mr. Macmillan be required to organise a petition.

5. Private Member’s Motion

  1. Council expresses its full support for the 5 demands of the occupation and directs the President and Officers of Guild in any negotiations to base them solely on these 5 demands. Such negotiations are to be fully and quickly reported back to Guild Council and Mass Meetings.
  2. That Extra-ordinary Life Membership of Guild be granted to those students expelled or suspended for their actions in the occupation with the exclusion of Richard Davies.
  3. That neither the President, nor any member of Guild Council, shall take part in the University Discipline Structure, except for strictly ”academic offences”.
  4. That no Officer of Guild or Guild representative shall afford any hospitality to any Officer or Official of the University, until such time cs Guild Council decided otherwise; and that no University Officer or Official be invited to Commemoration Ball 1970.
  5. That Guild donates £50, to the March 19th Fighting Fund; and undertakes to pay fully any legal expenses for any student or ex-student incurred in any actions arising out of the occupation of March 9th, 1970. Also, the Guild of Undergraduates  to underwrite the expenses involved in the printing of a booklet exposing the position of Lord Salisbury and racialism in Liverpool University.
  6. That Guild Council invites the Vice-Chancellor to address a Mass Meeting of students, chaired by a student Chairman. The Vice-Chancellor to come within 10 days, excluding 1st May, to answer questions on the discipline proceedings, all questions remaining unanswered from the 9th March and any further questions.
  7. The Guild of Undergraduates calls a one day strike of Staff and Students on the 1st May, 1970, in solidarity with the 10 victimised students and calls upon all staff and students to support the May Day Demo called by the Liverpool Trades Council;  and furthermore that this Guild calls upon the NUS and each individual Students’ Union affiliated to the NUS to support the Liverpool Students and to call upon all staff and students to strike or to take any other form of mass action in solidarity with the Liverpool Staff and Students. Further, until such time as the Committee of Vice-Chancellor’s and Principals give a unilateral undertaking that repression in British Universities of the kind seen at Oxford and Liverpool stop, the NUS will break off all negotiations with that body.Guild Council thanks all those sections of the Labour Movement which has shown such heartening support of the victimised students and the five demands.Guild Council also mandates the President to lead the Delegation and the May Day March with a placard.
  8. That Guild Council supports the putting of a Motion to next Monday’s Mass Meeting that will provide for the setting up of a Joint Committee of Council with the Trades Council concerning the means to implement their resolution pledging support of the 10 victimised students and demanding a Trades Council enquiry into the sentences and also demanding Trades Council representatives on the University Council, The Committee to be composed of representatives from University Students, Polytechnic students, teaching, technical and administrative staff. The University’ representatives to be elected from the Mass Meeting of Monday, 27th April, 1970.
  9. That Guild pay for a minimum of 250 posters printed with the words ‘May Day’ in large red letters to be circulated around the Guild and the University advertising the May Day and calling for student support; also 3,000 leaflets and half page adverts in Gazette and the Liverpool Echo.
  10. That these negotiations, reference 5. 1, with the University be carried out by a Committee of five, these five to be the President, the Vice-President for Financial Affairs, and three Ordinary Members of Guild, elected by the Mass Meeting on Monday, 27th April, 1970.

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