AFLU Newsletter No. 2: June 1971

AFLU Newsletter  June 1971

The academic year 1970-71 in Liverpool has turned out to be very different from the previous year. To refer to the positive side only, discussions on the future structure of the university have taken place in the Academic Staff Committee, and in the Structure Commission of staff and students. Among the staff, other discussions have arisen out of the division of the Arts Faculty, while many departments have discussed and operated staff-student consultative committees.

The affairs of the Union and the Guild have been conducted in a less vituperative atmosphere. A proposal to establish a joint staff-student journal has been made. The NCAFD held an inaugural meeting: a Liverpool colleague contributed effectively to the national AUT debate on joining the TUC. With energies and time being profitably employed elsewhere, it is perhaps as much a relief as a disappointment that AFLU has done very little more than tick over.

A large number of members paid a small subscription to AFLU earlier in the year, and the purpose of this newsletter is partly to explain to them (and to those who kindly helped the Acting Secretary to collect the subscription) what has happened since. The ‘caretaker’ committee has lost several members (including the Treasurer) who have left the University, and if AFLU is to be continued it must be renewed, preferably by election at a general meeting. The majority of the subscribing members are staff and some may see the failure to attract large numbers of student members at a time when staff-student relations are generally good, as a reason for the dissolution of AFLU.

Discussion groups which got under way in the earlier terms of the year wore discontinued, partly because of lack of balanced student participation.  An archive of material on developments at Liverpool since 1969 has been assembled: this and £15  in the bank represent our tangible assets.

Another academic year approaches. Would you please consider the following points. Should AFLU be put into ‘cold storage’ until there is a revival of interest, possibly when controversial issues emerge again and create divisions?

Or should it simply be dissolved, with money back for those who care to claim?

Or should it continue with a renewed committee and a membership of those who are convinced that it can engender purposeful activity?

A general meeting will be held on Friday 25 June, at 12 noon, School of History.

Inevitably many will be unable to attend, but could they please put in writing, however briefly, their comments and suggestions, and send then to the Acting Secretary, Dr Hair or any of the undersigned, before the meeting.

K Muir (Chairman),  DR Bowsher, RT Davies, PEH Hair, RA Markus (original committee); E Brooks, J Margetts (co-opted)


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