Honour ends Snow storm

In 1997 both Pete Cresswell and Jon Snow were nominated for honorary degrees by the Students Union, but the University refused to make an award to Pete.  Jon Snow therefore declined the offer.  This report is from the Liverpool Echo.

See also: Jon Snow still rebels, to a degree (from The Telegraph) and The Students Went Marching In (from Guild and City Gazette)

Newsreader Jon Snow could finally graduate from Liverpool University almost 30 years after he was suspended for leading a sit-in.

But the Channel Four anchorman nominated for an honorary degree says he will not accept the award unless a fellow protester who was expelled for his part in the 12-day sit-in is also rewarded.

Around 300 students barricaded themselves in the Senate Building on March 10, 1970 demanding the resignation of Lord Salisbury their Chanecllor. It ended with the expulsion of Peter Creswell, who is now an inspections officer at Liverpool City Council, three weeks before he was due to take his finals.

Nine other students were suspended by the university disclplinary board.

Mr Snow was invited back to the university after his 12-month suspension was up but his television career had already begun.

Mr Snow said: ”I am honoured to have been nominated. I remember my time in Liverpool very fondly. I love the city.

But he added:  “All is fair in love and war. Everyone at the time was a protester – it was the 60s and revolution was in the air.”

The Students Union has nominated both men for honorary degrees but the final decision rests with the university authorities.


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