Little headway in negotiations with Senate

News in this week’s issue of Guild Gazette of the slow progress being made in negotiations on the Five Demands of the March occupation:

Following the recent re-occupation of Senate House and motions passed in Guild Council, a negotiating committee consisting of Oliver SWingler, Sandy Macmillan, Dave Keech and Gavin Graham went to see the Vice-Chancellor over the Five Demands of the first occupation of March 9.

The first topic discussed was Chemical and Biological Warfare, but negotiations became bogged down in matters of definition and so far little has resulted from discussions on this issue.

However, there were rumours that a member of a research team engaged in CBW at the University has written a letter admitting that he is involved.  The position of the University is not clear here.

The second topic discussed was the question of secret and political files, and it was agreed to start discussions with the Appointments Board.  These will centre on how much information does in fact go out to firms […]

Mr Dodgson, President-elect, stated at Guild Council yesterday that he intends to wait until next term before recommencing any negotiations. […]


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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