Mrs Thatcher urges sit-in prosecutions

Another indication of the mood among some politicians and academics in this report from today’s Times:

Students and other demonstrators who occupied buildings and put them out of normal use should be liable to prosecution in the courts, Mrs M Thatcher, shadow Education Minister, said last night.

Addressing more than 600 members of the National Association of Head Teachers at their annual conference in Scarborough, she said that the Government should give a lead to the nation by tipping the legal system in favour of the moderate and law-abiding citizen.

Mrs Thatcher said that her suggestion might mean changes to the law of trespass.  She told me after her speech that she was thinking of recent evidence at Liverpool Iniversity and in Ulster where buildings had been put out of use by demonstrators.

Footnote, 2009, from the Margaret Thatcher Foundation website:

Margaret Thatcher had a rough ride as Education Minister. The early 1970s saw student radicalism at its height and British politics at its least civil. Protesters disrupted her speeches, the opposition press vilified her, and education policy itself seemed set immovably in a leftwards course, which she and many Conservatives found uncomfortable. But she mastered the job and was toughened by the experience.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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