Forced entry sit-in

The Daily Post report...annotated by HH Burchnall (from his archive)

The Daily Post reports this morning on yesterday’s brief re-occupation of Senate House:

Only hours after Liverpool University’s Board of Appeal cut sentences on two disciplined sit-in students yesterday, about 350 fellow students forced their way into an administration block and held a ‘sit-in’ (pictured above).

Two and a half hours later the students left the Senate House building after the university’s Vice- Chancellor, Mr Trevor Thomas refused to meet them.

Students Andy Black, aged 20, and Phil Gusack, aged 22, had their two-year suspensions cut to one year. But the other seven suspensions and one expulsion still stand.

The appeal results were discussed by the 350 students, who marched to the Senate House and forced their way in when the doors were opened to allow the staff to go home.

One of the suspended students said: ”We felt that the decision was a token compromise in a bid to avoid further trouble.”

The Vice-Chancellor said he was prepared to meet the properly elected representatives of the students at any reasonable time but was not prepared to meet an ad hoc body of students, some of whose members were suspended students. The university authorities intend to issue a statement on the disciplinary proceedings some time next week.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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