Referendum results

For the past two days voting has been taking place in the referendum on whether to approve  a series of resolutions concerning the Senate House occupation that were passed at Guild Council on 23 April.  The results were announced this evening, and several votes have been reversed, most significantly the granting of Guild life membership to the ten disciplined students.  Here is a selection of the results:

Do you agree with the following resolutions of Guild Council passed at its meeting on 23 April 1970?

1. That Guild Council gives retrospective approval to expenditure involved in obtaining legal advice and representation for the disciplined students’ appeals and to any further students disciplined over the occupation.
Carried. For: 1515 Against: 750 Abstentions: 9

2. Guild Council demands the trial be declared null and void because of inherent breaches of natural law and the manifestly unfair, unjust band prejudicial manner of the proceedings, and demands the reinstatement of the students pending a reconsideration by the University and Guild (Guild Council and mass meetings) of the whole of university discipline.
Carried For: 1224 Against: 1038 Abstentions: 12

3. That Guild expresses its full support for the 5 demands of the occupation and directs the President and officers of Guild in any negotiations to base them solely on these 5 demands.
Defeated For: 993 Against: 1263 Abstentions: 18

4. That extraordinary Life membership of Guild be granted to those students expelled or suspended for their actions in the occupation.
Defeated For: 794 Against: 1454 Abstentions: 26 […]

9. That the Guild of Undergraduates calls a one day strike of staff and students on 1 May 1970 in solidarity with the ten victimised students…
Defeated For: 814 Against: 1424 Abstentions: 36


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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