Referendum on Victimisation: a SocSoc leaflet

Today is the first of two days during which voting takes place on the referendum on the motions passed at Guild Council on 23 April.  This leaflet is being circulated by Socialist Society:

Referendum on Victimisation

Believe it or not, there is a referendum on May 7th and 8th – on the motions which Guild Council overwhelmingly passed on various topics arising out of the victimisation of ten students.

If you are ‘fortunate’ enough to have seen one of the ‘many’ official posters advertising the referendum, you will know exactly what are the questions which are being put to you.

In fact, despite the unwillingness or inability of either the Guild Executive, or the people who instigated the referendum, to organise one single meeting in either the Union or any department, or to have anything approaching the amount of advertising required by the constitution, the issues have been thoroughly discussed.

Almost certainly your society will have held a meeting at some time; perhaps you will have seen a petition containing the motions passed at Guild Council, or perhaps simply you will have seen the Special Gazette broadsheet. By whatever means you are aware of the issues, the following facts cannot be avoided:

  1. The only organised opinion which has been seen in the University (petitions, meetings, and letters , from all sectors) has expressed disquiet at the manner of the disciplining of the ten students and the savage and repressive sentences they received.
  2. The very people who are now trying to force council to reverse its decisions are the ones who fought to keep Council, and destroy mass meetings.
  3. The motions which council passed are in line with NUS policy; are not extreme; simply express opposition to the unfairness of the selection of ten students, the unfairness of their trials, and the penalties which were exacted. Support has come from mass meetings (official and unofficial) ; A Societies as different as Chemistry and Social Studies; and a petition with some 1500 signatures.

Despite the blatant attempts of some sections to steamroller this referendum –




VOTING: May 7th and 8th – 9:30 to 5 pm. Polling stations in the Students Union, the Mew Medical School, the Arts Library.


The results of the referendum can be viewed here


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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