Stop the Witch Hunt!

This is a SocSoc leaflet handed out today in the Students Union.

Following the disclosure of secret files on the outside activities of staff and students at Warwick, students at a number of universities have demanded an end to all secret files.  The quick-thinking university administrations have done two things:

  • They are pretending that files and black-lists do not exist.
  • They are pursuing a campaign of victimisation against students who raised the files issue last term.

Liverpool: 9 students have been suspended for one or two years.  Another, Pete Cresswell, has been expelled for the ‘crime’ of being one among 300 students – supported by 1500 others – who peacefully occupied the Senate building.

Oxford: Postgraduate student Steve Bokhover has been expelled.  At his ‘trial’ no direct evidence was produced on the one charge and witnesses for the authorities contradicted themselves on other charges.

LSE: Paul Hoch, post-doctoral student at Bedford College, jailed for 28 days after he had been found drinking tea in the canteen following an injunction forbidding him to enter the school.

Keele: 3 students have been suspended and another fined.  David Kay suspended for a year.

Nottingham: Disciplinary proceedings in progress. We can’t begin to guess what will happen!

Cambridge: Students who demonstrated at a reception to boost the Greek colonels’ dictatorship are awaiting trial.  They may well face the same treatment as three Essex students now in Borstal.

In view of this victimiosation, the students union at the LSE has organised a march for May Day for which they have officially requested support from other student unions.  They have also organised a National Student Conference on May 8th, to discuss student action,  Letters have been sent out to all student unions.

The reason for the conference is that the NUS is unlikely to take action.  We left the NUS because it was felt that they did not represent us at all.  The NUS clearly from its lack of even token support for victimised students represents noone but its own tiny club of careerists.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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