Students call trial of ten ‘unjust’

The Guardian this morning reports on last night’s Guild Council and the mass meeting earlier in the day called by the March 19 Committee:

The Council of the Guild of Undergraduates of Liverpool University last night called for the reinstatement of the ten students sentenced by the university authorities, pending a reconsideration of the university disciplinary structure and the specific proceedings against them.

The resolution demanded that ‘the trials be declared null and void because of inherent breaches of natural law and the manifestly unfair, unjust and prejudicial manner of the proceedings’. […]

A meeting of the Guild expected earlier in the day was postponed…Instead, the ‘March 19 Committee’ formed by students involved in the occupation called its own meeting attended by about 200. As that meeting broke up there were whispers about an attempt to take over the university’s telephone exchange, and a group of about 20 students headed for the Victoria Building which houses it.

But the authorities had been forewarned and four porters and two security guards met the minority group at the main entrance – the only one not already locked.

“They did not attempt to force their way in and moved away again, ” Mr P Meagher, the head porter, said afterwards.

Earlier yesterday a deputation of four from the Liverpool Trades Council, which represents about 60,000 trade unionists, talked for one and a half hours to the Vice-Chancellor, Mr T Thomas.  Mr Simon Fraser, the Council’s Secretary and one of the four, said they had wanted to get the views of the authorities as well as the views of the students.

A spokesman for the ‘March 19 Committee’ said that at their meeting they had decided to call for a rally of students in the Merseyside May Day demonstration.  “We are also discussing lightning actions,” he said, without disclosing their nature.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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