Students picket ‘varsity

The protest against the sentences imposed on the ten by the Board of Discipline are reported in the Liverpool Echo tonight:

Placard-carrying students were picketing the Senate House of Liverpool University today. 25 students began picketing the main door when the building opened at 9 am and they were relieved by further shifts of 25 during the day.

They were protesting against sentences imposed on students who took part in last month’s occupation of the Senate House.

“Perhaps some 200 or 300 people are involved in the picketing”, said Joe Paley, aged 22.  “It’s strictly non-violent.  We are just trying to keep the issues alive.  It’s just preliminary action,” he added.

Tonight, the students plan to hold a ‘trial’ of the University Chancellor (Lord Salisbury), Vice-Chancellor (Mr Trevor Thomas), Treasurer (Mr H Chrimes) and Registrar (Mr H Burchnall).


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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