LSE professor to represent sit-in students

The Liverpool Daily Post reports this morning on the mood amongst students and plans for further action following the trial verdicts:

Students returning to Liverpool University today for the new term will be met by plans for widespread action in support of the ten students disciplined for their part in the recent occupation of Senate House.

About 50 members of the Socialist Society yesterday decided to seek support from trade unionists on Merseyside and to arrange picketing of Senate House tomorrow.

Today, an unofficial mass meeting will try to arrange widespread support for the sit-in students.  Some members of the Socialist Society are also discussing the possibility of another re-occupation of the Senate building before the appeals of the disciplined students are heard.

A paper called Trial News will be distributed.  It has been written by members of the March 19 Committee which consists of several left-wing students who took part in the occupation.  They were elected on the day it was heard that only 10 students had been selected for punishment.  Trial News reports events over the vacation and contains news of the disciplinary hearings. […]

Professor John Griffith of the LSE and Liverpool solicitor Rex Makin have been asked to represent the students. […]


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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