Angry students plan protest against ‘trial’

The Observer today returns to the story of the hearings and the aftermath of the trial verdicts:

Plans for protest action against the disciplining of ten students and the possibility of further action by the authorities against another 170 are being made this weekend by a group of Liverpool University militants calling themselves the March 19 Committee.

Donations from outside ‘sympathisers’ have raised sufficient funds for them to produce a 4-page sheet called Trial News, which is to be handed free to students returning for the new term that starts on Tuesday.  It will give details of the background to to the trials of the ten ‘ringleaders’ already dealt with for the 12-day occupation of the University’s Senate House last month. […]

Trial News criticises the way in which the Disciplinary Board conducted its hearing of the cases against the ten students.

A decision about another 170 students, also alleged to have taken part in the occupation, will be made when they reply to a letter sent to them by Mr Herbert Burchnall, the registrar.  He has asked them to say whether or not they consider themselves guilty of the charge which may be made against them – of ‘conduct detrimental to the discharge of the duties of the university in that they occupied Senate House and excluded the staff’.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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