Minutes of SocSoc meeting: 16 April 1970

There was a meeting of Socialist Society today – the third during the Easter vacation. The letter sent out from the University to the 170 was discussed. It was decided to ask people not to reply until formally charged and to have a meeting of the170 to discuss tactics. Minutes of the two earlier meetings were tabled:

3 April 1970

The meeting consisted of reports from the ‘Committee of Six’ and a general discussion for a strategy for next term.

Report of the committee of ten

It was stated that all would plead not guilty on:

  • Technical grounds- impossibility of each individual occupying Senate House.
  • The occupation was not detrimental to the carrying out of the duties of the University.

Various pleas(verbatim transcript, public hearings etc) had been turned down and they intended to challenge the composition of the board.

It was emphasised that any attempt for a mass campaign on victimisation alone was diversionary and we must not lose sight of the demands of the occuption.

Report of the c’ommittee of six.

The £50 promised by Terry Fitzmaurice had not materialised (despite claims that it was in the post). Information was and still is being collected about the occupation by Frank Milner (specifically about cameras). Support( in the form of letters to the VC, and money to the fighting fund) had been sent from various sources – especially construction sites.

Continuing the Struggle

Suggestions were made for:

  • a trial of university bureaucrats
  • a teach-in involving both students and hopefully staff who had stated their opposition to our demands. Refusal to attend would result in harassment in the departments concerned.
  • Mass meetings in individual departments
  • Large May Day dem0nstrations – slogan ‘No Blacklists no victimisation’.
  • A vote of censure on Macmillan for his part on the Advisory Board of Discipline

12 April 1970

The relationship of SocSoc to the March 19th Movement and work groups within SocSoc were discussed.

It was decided we should act as a caucus with in March 19th but also remain an autonomous group with freedom of action.

Two of the groups formed were: Communications(concerned with publicity within this university and contacts with outside organisations – Gerry Cordon,116 Kingsle’y Road is in charge of this group. Labour Support( concerned with the local labour movement) is being handled by Dave Robertson 157 Westminster Road.

Please contact these people if you wish to help.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

One thought on “Minutes of SocSoc meeting: 16 April 1970”

  1. It’s a pretty baroque architecture we seem to have created here. A ‘Committee of Six’ within ‘SocSoc’ within the ‘March 19th Movement’. Somewhere else there’s a ‘March 19th Committee’.

    And to cap it all, that cheque is probably still ‘in the post’. We need to have a quiet word with Terry Fitzmaurice. Fifty quid is worth a few bob in today’s money.

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