MPs praise University’s tough line on students

The Liverpool Echo reports tonight on the reaction of some Conservative backbenchers to the news of the trial verdicts:

The strong action of Liverpool University against students who took part in the recent sit-in is applauded in a Commons motion, tabled by Conservative backbenchers.

The motion praises the ‘wise and courageous decision of the new Vice-Chancellor and the Senate of Liverpool University’.

It says that the students’ whole object was to ‘disrupt the administration of the university and to frustrate the majority of the students in their genuine desire to justify the grant of public funds’.

Signatories of the motion are: Sir Douglas Glover (Ormskirk), Mr James Dance (Bromsgrove), Sir Ronald Russell (Wembley South), Mr Ray Mawby (Totnes), Sir Fred Bennett (Torquay), Sir Charles Taylor (Eastbourne), Mr Geoffrey Wilson (Truro) and Mr Stephen Hastings (Mid Beds).


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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