News of the sentences from the March 19 Committee

This note was mailed out today to all students on the March 19 Committee’s mailing list who returned home for the Easter vacation.  It gives news of the sentences handed down at the conclusion of the Disciplinary Board hearings yesterday.

Dear comrades

Here is the news you have all been waiting for (??).  Sentences are as follows:

John Aspinall, Andy Black, Phil Gusack, Richard Davies, Sue Rossinger, Danny Fishman, Ian Williams…these seven are sentenced to 2 YEARS SUSPENSION FROM NOW.

John Snow, Andy Burton get 1 YEARS SUSPENSION FROM NOW.

Pete Cresswell gets EXPELLED.

Needless to say, these sentences are considerably more severe and repressive than most people seriously expectted (in fact they are the most savage set of measures ever taken against student militants in a British university).

There is naturally a widespread feeling that something must be done to amke sure that the University doesn’t get away with this open repression without students making their own reaction quite clear.

It is not for us to tell you what the next step in the struggle should be, but it does appear necessary to meet in the near future to decide what tactics we now want to use, and what is the immediate goal we are seeking. It will perhaps suffice to say that the mood here is is one of extreme militancy and it is almost certain that action will be taken.

One point that has come out of these hearings is that the University is almost certainly about to take some disciplinary action against some or all the signatories to the letter to the V-C claiming equal responsibility for the sit-in.

The ten people and others who want to help (and those who may be in the same boat) will be organising an educative campaign about the detailed nature of the University repression in this case, with transcripts of the trials, etc. in order to try to explain it to as many people as possible.

The only advice we would like to give at this point is to say that there will be a meeting on Tuesday week, 21 April, in the evening, and it might be a good idea if as many people as possible could get back to try abd work out what the next step is.

That’s all for now….phone ANF 1203 for any further info.



Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

2 thoughts on “News of the sentences from the March 19 Committee”

  1. No, we were 922 1561. Don’t ask me how I can remember that; I can’t even remember my mobile number nowadays!

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