Liverpool to discipline 10 ‘sit-in’ students

This morning the Daily Telegraph carries an extensive report on current campus protests, leading with the announcement by Liverpool University that it is to institute disciplinary proceedings against 10 of those involved in the occupation:

The University of Liverpool is to take disciplinary action against 10 of the 300 militants who have been occupying Senate House, the main administrative building since a week last Monday.

The form of action is to be decided by the Board of Discipline, but the possibilities, it is understood, include expulsion, suspension or fines. The students concerned have been informed by letter.  The Board meets on April 6.

Mr Trevor Thomas, Vice-Chancellor, said that because of the ‘sit-in’ it had not been possible to pay non-academic staff their correct wages; payments of post-graduate awards and the June examinations are in jeopardy, and academic and other advertised posts cannot be filled […]

A clear-cut policy statement on student files was yesterday approved by Leeds University Council as a gesture to the main student body who recently rejected extreme militant action so firmly. The Council passed a resolution put forward by the University Senate earlier this month.  This declared that it was “wholly repugnant” to academic freedom for any known or alleged political or religious opinion, association or racial origin to be taken into account to prejudice “admission, appointment, or advancement of any member of the university, either staff or student”.  […]

Describing the files issue as inflated out of all recognition, Lord Bowden, Principal of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and technology, said last night: “If one is to judge by their writings, some agitators must live in a fantasy world of their own creation, based on the history of the Gestapo in Europe and on Kafka’s novels”.

Speaking at an honorary fellowship presentation ceremony at the Institute, he said: “We have done our best to reassure our own students’ union.  We do not allow anyone to keep the sort of files they object to, because we object to them ourselves even more.”


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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