Leaflet from the occupation: last day

This leaflet, addressed to non-academic staff working for the University, was issued by ‘the occupiers of Senate House’ today, as the occupation ended after 11 days:


Eleven days ago over 300 students occupied Liverpool University’s Senate Building. This was because the University had consistently evaded the issues which had been brought up by students.  Those issues were:

  1. Tho position of Salisbury, a consistent supportor of  Rhodesia and South Africa, as University Chancellor
  2. The refusal of the University to reveal where the  University’s £6 millionare  invested.
  3. The acceptance by the University of Chemical and Biological wafare resenrch contracts from the Ministry of Defence.
  4. The refusal of tho University to allow files to be examined – as at Warwick it seems alright to allow the bosses to find out the ‘confidential’ contents of files.  But not the students.
  5. That there should be no victimisation of the participants of tho occupation.

Tho only move made by the University has been to summon 10 students before the Discipline Committee and to threaten more. The response of the City Council has been to set ‘Selsdon Man’ stalking in Liverpool: to call for the grants of the 300 students to be withdrawn.

Our enemies are your enemies. The University Council’s members have innumerable directorships to their ‘credit’. The University Treasurer, Chrimes, is a director of the Echo and Post, which may explain why we have had vicious attacks in the press.

We want to refute some of the slanders which have been believed, even by people from whom we expected better – such as Eric Heffer MP.

The most important of these distortions are: that this occupation was carried out in defiance of a majority vote to the contrary.


AND secondly, that we have caused tho cleaners, porters, etc. to go without wages – THIS IS UNTRUE. We have offered the University every facility to come in to make up the wage schedules for the staff. They have not bothered to reply, callously using the sufferings of the lowest paid staff as a weapon against us.

This is a Bosses University- the same Bosses as you fight against. ‘Selsdon Man’ is the enemy of all Trades Unionists and Socialists, the enemy of all who are progressive.


P&P Occupiers of Senate House, Abercromby Square.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

One thought on “Leaflet from the occupation: last day”

  1. Does anyone recall this? What was the ’emergency meeting’ referred to? A meeting of University trade unions – or of ther Trades Council, perhaps?

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