Students urged: call off sit-in

The Daily Post reports this morning that Eric Heffer, Labour MP for Walton, has called on students to end the occupation of Senate House:

A Liverpool Labour MP yesterday urged Liverpool’s sit-in students to call off their demonstration.  But at the same time Mr Eric Heffer (Walton, Labour) hit out at Liverpool Education Committee for suggesting that students who indulged in such practices should lose their grants.

Mr Heffer also paid tribute to yesterday’s Daily Post editorial, declaring. “I believe it is a voice of sanity and its proposals should be carefully looked at by al  the education authorities concerned.”

Mr Heffer said that he did not condone the sit-in by 250 students, which was against the wishes of the majority.  He reminded them that Mr Jack Straw, President of the NUS had warned that those who took action against the will of the majority of students were acting as autocratically and undemocratically as those whom they sought to oppose.

“I would therefore say to the students concerned, your present action is hurting ordinary working class people employed at the university, it is alienating those who are desperately trying to understand your problems and you are unwittingly assisting all those who would resort to reactionary means to deal with student problems.”


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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