Students must be disciplined – MP

Tonight’s Liverpool Echo has this on the call by local Tory MP for those occupying Senate House to be ‘taken to court if necessary’:

A Liverpool MP has called for disciplinary action to be taken against the 250 sit-in students at the city’s university.  Mr Tim Fortescue, Conservative Member for Garston, said yesterday that the citizens of Liverpool were angry at the ‘arrogant and disruptive action’ of the students who have occupied the Senate House for the past 6 days.

He said: “No formal statement about these events has yet been made by the University in order, I understand, to avoid any possible suggestion of interference with the election of new officers to the Guild of Undergraduates. These elections have now taken place and have resulted in victories in all contests for students of moderate views. The public is now entitled to expect the University to announce very shortly that its disciplinary procedures are to be invoked against the disruptive minority of militant students.”

If necessary, said Mr Fortescue, the University authorities should resort to the courts. “Confidence that universities can keep their own houses in order has been shaken by recent events in Liverpool and elsewhere.  This confidence can and must be restored by the actions of the universities themselves […]

Asked if there was any chance of the University Vice-Chancellor, Mr Trevor thomas, meeting the sit-in students, a University spokesman responded: “It seems a group so unrepresentative and so small could make no real claim for him to see them.  They are in no way expressive of the mass body of the university.”

The students have been demanding a showdown meeting with Mr Thomas.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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