Students invite public to teach-in

The Times this morning carries this round-up of student protest around the country:

Students at Warwick University began a six-day occupation or “work-in” in several buildings yesterday, but their leaders said they hoped to avoid a clash with the university authorities, who will be using some buildings for conferences. The militants are inviting the public to teach-ins, film shows and discussion meetings. On Tuesday Miss Bernadette Devlin, MP, will address a meeting.

The work-in is a protest against the senate’s refusal ‘to meet demands for a new social building, which the students want to run themselves.

At Kent University 600 students, on the tenth day of occupying the Cornwallis building, were discussing staying over the Easter vacation and taking over more buildings.

Oxford.-The 11 rebels who defied the university proctors on Thursday went to see them at their office yesterday. The students, accused of offences in connection with the raid on the Clarendon building in search of secret files, were granted an adjournment of the hearing until next Tuesday.

Birmingham: Six students continued a sit-in, although most undergraduates had called for a complete withdrawal by a militant group occupying part of the administration block. The six said they would be on hunger-strike until next Wednesday, when the senate will be asked to approve the proposed severing of the university’s link with University College, Rhodesia.

Liverpool – Mr Alexander McMillan, the “moderate ” candidate, was last night reelected president of the Guild of Undergraduates of Liverpool University after a two-day poll. He had been voted out of office in January.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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