Staff wages: a leaflet from the occupation

Students in occupation of Senate House have distributed this leaflet across the campus as a response to the University’s allegations that the sit-in is preventing them paying full wages to the weekly-paid staff (as reported in the Daily Post this morning):

Yesterday the staff of the university who get paid weekly received only their basic rates due to the fact that the computer is not available to work out overtime pay.

We, the students of the Occupation, wish to make several points clear:

  1. One of the first things done following the Occupation was a decision that staff wages were a top priority and nothing should be done to stop their payments.
  2. The university at no time asked to use the computer for this purpose. The only approach which has been made was concerned with the electoral roll of the student union elections.
  3. We were given to understand, as was the chairman of the ASTMS union branch, that alternative arrangements had been made to pay tho staff wages. At no point was it made clear that those would bo just flat-rate payments,which we realise are totally inadequate, and that overtime is a vital part of staff wages.
  4. The university administration has made no attempt whatsoever to live up to their responsibilities to the non-academic staff of this university. They have made other arrangements for their own well-being but have done nothing whatsoever where the welfare of their employees is at stake.

A letter has been sent to tho registrar demanding that computer staff into the Senate House in order to obtain the necessary information for full staff wages to be paid today.



Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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