New student threat

The Daily Post this morning has a round-up of student action around the country:

The student unrest gathered momentum yesterday. At Liverpool 300 occupying the University’s administration building decided to seek outside support.

Students who broke into Keele University, Staffordshire, in search of alleged political files, claimed last night they had found documents giving instructions on how to deal with student protests and demands for student representation in the running of the university. They ended their sit-in after a 13-hour protest.

Liverpool students yesterday decided to ask other colleges and trade union branches on Merseyside to back their protest. […]

Students last night continued their occupation of Senate House.  Doors of the building – one with shattered glass – were closed. Strong-arm students on the door questioned visitors closely.  […]

Sussex University Senate, which includes 13 students, accepted new proposals yesterday concerning the inspection of personal files. This means a student can now ask his Dean to produce his file in his presence.

Students at Salford University voted yesterday to accept a recommendation that an independent person should examine a selection of personal files. The students, who held a 3-day sit-in last week, say that unless they get such a principle accepted, they will take further action.

The six-strong executive committee of Exeter University’s Guild of Students resigned yesterday, claiming that 400 of their members had been “pointing a pistol” at their heads.

At Nottingham, a two-day student strike at two colleges has been called off for the time being.

At Birmingham, administrative staff found their offices locked when they arrived for work yesterday.  Students who staged a sit-in overnight claimed the lock-up was a move by the university to prevent them breaking into files.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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