Resign call to Salisbury

This morning the Daily Telegraph continues its coverage of the occupation:

The Marquess of Salisbury was called on to resign as Chancellor of the University of Liverpool yesterday at a meeting of students.

It had been proposed to endorse the view expressed by Mr Trevor Thomas, the Vice-Chancellor, the previous day that  the political views of staff, including the Chancellor, and students were no business of the University.

But this was amended to read: “We find the Chancellor’s views on African affairs extremely objectionable and call for his immediate resignation.” This was carried by 246 votes to 15, with 36 students abstaining.

Meanwhile about 300 militant students were continuing their sit-in at Senate House. […]

The meeting was called by the Association of Moderate Students of the Guild of Undergraduates to discuss five proposals.  A number of the militants also attended. There was also a demand for an independent inquiry to be conducted by solicitors into alleged ‘political files’ as soon as possible, and there were other votes on matters concerning Guild autonomy, chemical and biological warfare and University investments.

Although it appeared that the militants had won over the moderates after a vote to support the sit-in had been passed by 165 to 69, University authorities claimed there had been tactical measures swing the vote. […]


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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