The occupation’s five conditions under which there will be a withdrawal

There’s detailed coverage of yesterday’s mass meeting in the issue of Guild Gazette out today – and space has been given to an lengthy statement of the conditions under which there will be a withdrawal from Senate House:

  1. That Senate and Court proclaim their opposition to all forms of discrimination on racial grounds and consequently disassociate themselves from the views of the Chancellor, the Marquess of Salisbury, and call for his immediate resignation.
  2. That Council and Court order a detailed schedule of all University investments to be published in the Staff Newsletter and in Guild Gazette.
  3. That an independent public inquiry be held into the methods used at all University levels for keeping data and information on staff and students.
  4. That there be no victimisation of any people taking part in the occupation.
  5. The occupation will continue until our demands are met.  But its finish will not mean an end to what we represent.  Let those who seek to destroy us by force realise that they may destroy the man but they cannot destroy a revolution.

The students presently occupying the University administrative buildings would like to take the opportunity of stating to their fellow students the reasons for the action.

We believe it is no longer possible to trade niceties with officialdom on the assumption that they will yield.  They will not.

We are sure many people agree with the reasons for our protest, but disagree with our means.  To these people we can talk.  To these people it is essential to talk.

But we cannot communicate with obdurate bureaucrats, nor with stupid academic skinheads, whose only means of communication is physical violence, as we saw yesterday when two occupying students and a porter were manhandled by them, one seriously.

To people who understand their differences, we are more than willing to discuss.  But we will have no hesitation in opposing as strongly as necessary those who would use physical violence, in order to defend what we believe right.  To them we say – we have no use for you.  We cannot talk to you.

We are sure that those who advocate violence to eject the occupiers did not find large support amongst those students who also disagree with the occupation.  To these students we will talk.

But we ask all students  – who are the real student hooligans? The peaceful occupiers who protest against the policies of a University, or a rabble who seek to induce their self-perpetuating apathy into all students by hurling abuse and stones at people who attempt a critical approach to their environment, and by finally physically assaulting them?

We do not wish to fight fellow students.  Our real war is against injustice, oppression, intolerance.  It is against this University and all its hypocritical postures that it maintains under the guise of an academic community.

For this, we ask for understanding and support.  WEe do not expect bigoted reaction from all students.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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