Leaflet from Association of Moderate Students

Following yesterday’s fracas as the protest outside Senate House organised by the Association of Moderate Students descended into violent scuffles, the Association has today distributed this leaflet on campus:

By now you must all be aware of the events yesterday following the meeting at which the Vice-Chancellor addressed his staff and students on five main topics.

The time has now come to sit down, sensibly and quietly, like the rational human beings that most of us are, and to discuss where we go from here.

At today’s Mass meeting the following proposals will be put. It is up to you to make it clear whether a sit-in or reasoned negotiation is the wish of this Guild of Undergraduates.


1. Union Autonomy

This meeting is satisfied with the answers given by the Vice-Chancellor at the meeting of the 9th March 1970, regarding Union autonomy, in that the University has done everything in its power to safeguard that autonomy which we hold so precious and has only  intervened to enable the Guild to get back to legal and consitutional government as soon as possible; and has only done so on the expressed wishes of a large proportion of the student body.

2. Chemical and Biological Warfare

This meeting is satisfied with the answers given by the Vice-Chancellor at the meeting of the 9th March 1970, regarding CBW, in that, at present, the University has only four government contracts, none of which have any connection with CBW.

3. The Position of the Chancellor

This Meeting wholeheartedly endorses the views of the Vice-Chancellor, expressed at the Meeting of the 9th March, 1970, in that we also believe that the political beliefs of staff (including Chancellors) and students are no business of a University.

4. Secret Files

This Meeting feels, in the best interests of all concerned, that an independent enquiry into the University’ s alleged ‘secret files’ should be instituted by the Vice-Chancellor as soon as possible.

5. University Investments

This meeting calls upon the Investment Sub-Committee of the Council of the University to investigate the feasibility of publishing the schedule of the University’s investments.


This meeting asks those sitting-in to cease their fruitless endeavour and to join with us in putting forward the above proposals as the policy of the whole Guild of Undergraduates.




Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

One thought on “Leaflet from Association of Moderate Students”

  1. Alas, such unctuous and sycophantic nonsense still gets written today. Toadies, they are always with us.

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