Occupation on TV

This footage was shot for BBC News today, and mysteriously shows an anarchist flag being flown from Senate House.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

2 thoughts on “Occupation on TV”

  1. The mystery of the anarchist flag was solved in this response from Harvey Gibbs:

    I remember the reason for the flag quite well. A red flag was hoisted on the first day and was nicked overnight. Dave Harvey came up to me on the morning of the second day and asked if he could borrow the anarchist flag to fly until a second red flag could be obtained. I think he also wanted to wind up Martin Barker and others in IS. The following day another red flag was obtained and the anarchist flag returned.
    There is of course no single anarchist flag. The one we used was the one used by the FAI-CNT in the Spanish Civil War.

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