Salisbury hits back at Liverpool students

The Liverpool Echo today reports that Lord Salisbury has responded to the charges made against him in an article written for Guild Gazette.

‘Lord Salisbury decided not to attend the Student Union annual dinner and dance on January 30 when he learned that some 200 students opposed to his political views planned to demonstrate against his attendance.’


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

One thought on “Salisbury hits back at Liverpool students”

  1. A small group of us went down to see Salisbury at the Adelphi to tell him he wasn’t welcome. He was like the archetypal Tory imperialist* toff. I recall him as quite tall, slightly stooping, with a small dark moustache. Physically a bit like P. G. Wodegouse’s Lord Emsworth but not as nice. I remember refusing to shake hands with him which didn’t seem to bother him – ‘Oh, it’s like that is it?’ was his comment. One of our group was an older African student and when he spoke, Salisbury just peered over his glasses at everyone else and said ‘What’s he saying? Can’t understand a word he’s saying’. If we achieved nothing else at uni, inconveniencing that evil old racist was worth it. I’ve forgottten lots but I remember that meeting as clear as day.

    * ‘Imperialist’ used here in it’s proper sense. He was an old fashioned imperial white supremacist.

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