Report of Socialist Society Meeting 24 February 1970

This report provides an account of the proceedings at today’s meeting of Socialist Society, which was largely concerned with organisational issues.

The meeting was called in order to discuss and take decisions upon Discussion Document l (pink sheet with proposals for restructuring). It had been asked at the last meeting that reports be made concerning the financial and material assets of S0cSoc  and the possibility of obtaining a room in the Union for S0cSoc use.

  • We were assured that S0cSoc’s finances were nil,if not negative.
  • There is a duplicator on permanent loan from Ellam’s,but we have only been able to use it one week out of the year due to breakdowns and it is currently going back for repairs. There is an operating silkscreen at 3 Sunnyside , Liverpool 8, which S0cSoc has access to but does not own. There is miscellaneous poster-making material in B53.
  • There appeared to be no possibility of gaining a permanent site for S0cSoc in the Union. After discussion it was agreed to establish a permanent geographical site at 66 Canning Street, in the basement, and that S0cSoc should pay the residents for electricity & heating.

The following groups with fairly specific functions as a first attempt at formal organisation were agreed to:

  • CONVENORS: responsible for calling meetings  & drawing up agendas – not chairmen – Andy Black, Sue Rossinger, Danny Fishman.                         ~
  • TREASURER: responsible for finances as per section vii) of the pink sheet – Nev Bann.
  • SECRETARIAL & NEWSLETTER GROUP: responsible for gathering information for the news-sheet & publishing it – out of which will hopefully grow a S0cSoc journal – Gerry Cordon, James Rees, Tricia Brown, Andy Black, Rob Evans, Dave Jenkins
  • COMMUNICATIONS & PROPAGANDA: poster-making and to some extent leaflets – all will have to help in these tasks but this group should ensure that everybody is able to gain skills to perform the various tasks – Mo O’ Sullivan, Frank Milner, Mike Smith, Mike Keating
  • BOOKSTALL: responsible for maintaining S0cSoc bookstall in the foyer, to stock any book on request from members – Nuala Ballinger, Dave Harvey, Penny Wilde
  • PERMANENT INFORMATION FILES: setting up & maintaining – the residents of 66 Canning Street (Tricia and Allan) and James Rees
  • Delegate to MSSF: Nigel Varley
  • Industrial liaison: Martin Yarnit
  • C.A.R.D (Campaign Against Racial Discrimination)  liaison – Nigel Varley

Theory seminars will be held Wednesdays at 7.30 pm in the McAusland Lounge. The texts for the first three meetings will be:

  • Socialism: Utopian and Scientific by F Engels for March 4th ( opening paper by Mike Smith- the pamphlet
    should be available from the S0cSoc bookstall).
  • Article by E. Mandel on the USA in New Left Review 54 (copy in the Arts library, should be available
    off the bookstall -any offers for an opening paper? contact one of the convenors) for March 11th.
  • Left-Wing Communism an Infantile Disorder by Lenin (again undoubtedly in the library and off the bookstall) for March 18th (paper from Dave Robertson)

The other weekly meeting of S0cSoc will be held on Fridays at 12.30 in the McAusland lounge This meeting will usually be dealing with S0cSoc campaigns both inside (racism, the Guild, files) and outside the university.
The functional groups established should begin to meet and work as groups as soon as possible.  It should be emphasised that the groups are never exclusive and will probably all need help.



Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

2 thoughts on “Report of Socialist Society Meeting 24 February 1970”

  1. Looks like I’ve got my spot booked this Saturday evening.

    Forty years and two days on from March 18, 1970, I can replay my paper on ‘Left-wing Communism: an Infantile Disorder’ to the delight of all assembled.

    And then we can continue with unfinished business from the meeting of February 24, 1970 because pretty much everyone will be present!

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