Senate picketed over Salisbury

Guild Gazette reports today that:

On Thursday about 40 people picketed Senate House to demand the resignation of Lord Salisbury as Chancellor after accusations of racialism.  A petition containing over 1000 signatures was handed in.

Officials entering and leaving the building were heckled and though the Vice-Chancellor was invited to meet the demonstrators, he politely declined, but said in a message that he would consider the petition.

Another item in the current issue highlights concern over racism in the University:

Pantosfinx racialist joke banned

The Executive of Liverpool College of Commerce has banned the sale of Pantosfinx because of a poem included called ‘England, my England’.  The poem deals with immigrants who come to Britain to sign on the National Health.

Other colleges are to consider banning the magazine for this reason and Panto stands to lose several hundred pounds.

There is also strong pressure within the University to ban the poem, either by obliterating it or removing the page on which it is printed.

The poem is being sent to the Race Relations Board to see if legal action can be taken against Panto Committee, who do not consider the poem racialist.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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