Student chaos after leader quits

This morning’s Daily Express is one of several newspapers to give extensive coverage to the dramatic events of the last 24 hours and continuing crisis in the government of the Student Union:

A mass meeting of students at Liverpool University last night elected a caretaker committee to watch union affairs.

But chaos reigned in the union.   The new committee has no legal standing, and affairs will remain in limbo until a new president and executive have been elected.

The 6-strong caretaker committee is headed by Alexander Macmillan, who resigned as President, along with his executive, after students had passed a vote of no confidence.  The vote followed the decision to invite Lord Salisbury, the Chancellor , to attend the students’ annual ball.

Students objected to his invitation because of his ‘racialist views’.

After last night’s meeting, attended by about 1,000 students, Mr Macmillan said: “My election as chairman indicates that there is still quite a lot of support for me. I stand by the Lord Salisbury decision.  I think it was right and proper.”

The caretaker committee will operate initially for a week, before reporting back to another mass meeting.

In that time, they are expected to have talks with the joint management committee but their first problem is to attempt to sort out administration of the union’s financial affairs.

The wages of the 300 staff employed in the union building have been guaranteed, but student clubs face a squeeze until legal problems surrounding the signing of chequers have been cleared up.

An election for a new president is expected to be held within 6 weeks. Mr Macmillan said, “I will definitely be standing again.”

The union upheaval is expected to be discussed by the senate at their monthly meeting today.

The Telegraph also reported the story, under the headline, ‘Caretaker rule for students’.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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