Liverpool students bring back the man who quit

This is the Daily Post reporting this morning on the dramatic events of the last 24 hours:

University student Mr Sandy Macmillan, who resigned on Monday as President of Liverpool University’s Guild of Undergraduates, was returned last night as head of a student caretaker government – by a margin of 4 votes. […]

Mr Macmillan, aged 23, said: “The caretaker government will have no power at all. We have no power to sign cheques and this will make financing of the Guild a difficult task.  The Guild is more or less in a state of limbo until we have a president.” […]

Mr Macmillan was elected chairman last night only after a revote and a recount.  Mr Gavin Graham, who came second in the election for chairman, was elected treasurer.  Peter Cresswell, David Christie, Oliver Swingler and Richard Davies, a former student president, were also elected to the committee.  They will meet for the first time today.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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