Students vote out Council

The Daily Telegraph has this report today on the resignation of the President and Executive after last night’s vote of no confidence:

The executive of the council of the Guild of Undergraduates of Liverpool University were voted out of office last night over the anti-apartheid controversy in which the Chancellor, the Marquess of Salisbury was involved just over a week ago.

Later 50 “rebels” staged a sit-down in the office of Mr  Alexander “Sandy” Macmillan, the former president, and this was still going on at midnight. Mr James Brown, the permanent secretary and bursar of the university, received an assurance from them that nothing would be touched.

In a statement later, he said: “The business of the university will carry on normally until such time as proper student government has been established.”

The council, which has 60 elected members, controls investments totalling £28,000 and employs 300 staff to run the students’ union, which has a membership of 7000.

Lord Salisbury was called on to resign as chancellor last week but refused to do so. He did not attend the students’ dinner and ball, however, after a rebel faction had accused him of supporting white rule in Central and Southern African States.

After last night’s council meeting opened some students called for a debate on the incident. Eventually a vote of no confidence was passed in the President and Caroline Farmer, woman president, who was criticised after presenting a bouquet to Lady Salisbury, and in three vice-presidents and six executive members.

It was carried by 28 votes to 24 with three abstentions. They all resigned and walked out and the meeting broke up in disorder.

A series of attempts had been made at the meeting to agree to sell all the investments because it was alleged most of the money was invested in South Africa and to donate the proceeds to the South African Freedom Foundation.

This was defeated but a resolution was carried approving the sale of the £28,000 assets.


Author: Gerry

Retired college teacher living in Liverpool, UK.

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